Happy Anniversary Tracepattern – Three Years Young

The Forbidden City

Dream Walking. At the heart of Beijing lies China’s Imperial Palace (from the Ming to the Qing Dynasties), now known as The Forbidden City; home to The Palace Museum. Photography Christina Waterson 2011.

I woke this morning to vivid memories of my visit to The Forbidden City in Beijing. My thoughts were settling on the entry courts and more intimate details all around in screens, soffits and artefacts. I was privileged to visit the Forbidden City as part of my Winston Churchill Fellowship in 2011.

Over the past few weeks I have had flashbacks from this life changing time and thoughts about each person I spent time with; visiting Keiji Ashizawa and his Tokyo studio; my friends at PolyU and SCAD in Hong Kong; Mr Ohashi San in Beppu; Arda in Istanbul… I spent time with such talented and passionate people.

It dawned on me that it’s three years this week since I embarked on my Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship Research. It’s three years since I started TRACEPATTERN to record and share the experience. The Fellowship broadened my practice. It dared me to dream large and have more belief in my direction and work.  It encouraged me to open out and through this process connect with highly skilled, intellectual and generous practitioners across the globe. Three years on I draw on this experience and knowledge as it continues to resonate through my life and work.

How the time has flown! To celebrate Tracepattern’s Anniversary I’ll be sharing previously unseen photography of the experience and re-sharing a few special posts made during my Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship.




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