Monthly Archives: March 2016

CMWaterson Morey

Hey there beautiful. A morning visit by our local Python Morey (short for Morelia Spilota) makes me smile and also shake. Three metres long and as thick as my thigh at its thickest – respect! Photography Christina Waterson

CMWaterson Patterns of Nature 2016

The patterns of nature all around that constantly evolve and recede only to emerge anew. Photo from daily beach walks’ capturing shifting micro/macro landscapes. Photography Christina Waterson


Daily beach walks. Belongil Beach is one of our favourites. Photography Christina Waterson

CMWaterson - Printmaking with Christine Willcocks BSA 2016 - 3s

Inspiring local creatives. The diversity of prints made during the Christine Willcocks’ Printmaking Taster at Byron School of Art. Photography Christina Waterson


When you keep learning from projects long after they’re installed. Detail of Flourish for The Milton Residences 2015. Photography Christina Waterson


Sharing knowledge with passionate creatives. Pictured is a presentation for Byron Bay School of Art about Art for the Public Realm and creative practice. Photography by Christine Willcocks

CMWaterson The Rolling Hills

The green of the hills – view from Tweed Regional Gallery. Photography Christina Waterson


Being in the present – soft light on fronds set in motion by cool breeze. Photography Christina Waterson

Christina Waterson Website 2015 homepage. For all project details and photography credits go to

Our new website went live late last year and since then we’ve received some lovely feedback and interesting projects. If you haven’t checked it out yet please head on over to

CMWaterson About PLexa Project Page 2015

Project: Plexa #1 on the William Jolly Bridge, 2015. Photography Christina Waterson

There you’ll find featured a selection of our favourite projects and collaborations; beautiful photography; and a little background to our projects.

CMWaterson _Advocacy Page 2015

Advocacy highlight page at  For all project details and photography credits go to

You’ll also find info about some of the great Clients we’ve worked with as well as some insight into the depth of our creative practice in Art, Design and Advocacy.

Thank you to Wes Davis (Founder of Netprophets and MoPad) for a great website and hosting, and being an awesome creative to collaborate with; and Craig Rochfort (Founder of Jane Fender, Co-founder of the brand Art Park and founder of Rochfort Design Management) for beautiful curation of content. A Dream Team!