Kinetic Rain

Kinetic Rain by ART + COM completed in July 2012.

After a short but sweet stay in Singapore it was time to head home. On arrival at Singapore’s Changi Airport there was the usual struggle with bags; looking for the right check-in desk and last-minute rummage through carry on luggage. Then suddenly and quite unexpectedly, amid the Departure-Check in Hall, I saw Kinetic Rain.

One part of a set of two installations

I was mesmerised.

For the Departure Hall, ART + COM were commissioned to make an artwork that captured the essence of the place. This group of artists, designers and developers came together in 1988 with a shared belief that ‘the computer was more than a tool’. They have a practice that creates unique installations, environments and architecture made possible through the development of technological innovations and inventions.

My mind and memories set in motion through this artwork.

‘Glimpses of ideas, abstract and concrete hover in the air between the clouds in the sky and the rippling water surface below, contemplating the dream of flying… of dreams becoming reality through determination and feats of engineering and science.’ ART + COM’s Artist Statement, Changi Airport.

After experiencing the afternoon showers and humidity of Singapore this artwork resonated strongly with me. The array of hundreds of droplets seemed to float through space as they completed their programmed sequence of movement. It was like experiencing rain in slow motion close up.

How beautiful and perfect and moving. Infinite patterns, sequence and…

The reflective surface of each droplet captured the people looking on in a beautiful state of distraction within the space of the terminal. The artwork had no sound but in my mind I could hear the sound of each sequence and pattern of rain; the pitter patter of a sun shower; undulating rain blown from wind squalls; to a relentless torrential downpour hitting a tin roof.

The movement of Kinetic Rain took me back to my childhood memories of rain and its cleansing and life-giving force to the land. I was prepared to miss my flight only so I could stay a little longer with Kinetic Rain.

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