Yes I know its been some time since I last blogged! In fact its been just over a month. Whats been going on? ALOT…so to bring you up to date here is a summary of my month!

As the Creative Director of I spent quite some time in Melbourne installing the ‘MAKE it’ Precinct for Saturday Indesign 2012.

The Precinct was massive and spanned three blocks in Richmond. On the day it was abuzz with people, conversation and creative sparks.

On-site were special artisans wood turning, rotational moulding and metal spinning alongside the fruits of their labour – beautifully made objects designed by some of Australia’s hottest talent! Check out the ‘MAKE it’ Precinct events and people who made it so very special...

…especially the announcement of the Joint Winners of the Design a Cup Competition; Henry Hidayat and Adele Del Signore along with the Top 10 Competition Entries.

I released a new set of colours within the Tracelet Limited Edition Series. The new set includes Vanilla, Baby Blue and Scarlet colours. This was made possible with support from and PALAMONT- art in manufacturing.

Some lucky visitors who attended the ‘MAKE it ‘Precinct were given these in person and heard the story of Tracelet. Thanks again to Kevin Hopkinson from Ashden Industries for mixing the new colours and making the Tracelets exquisitely.

I gifted one of my sculptural wall works to my local coffee shop Rouge Coffee. I spend quite a lot of time at Rouge enjoying their coffee and and a chat with the friendly staff. The coffee is roasted on site and is delicious. I thought I would share some love and some art with them.

I attended the Annual Presentation of Churchill Medallions Dinner and received my Winston Churchill Medallion. Such a joyous occasion. Great to spend time with this inspirational group of people with amazing interests and diverse backgrounds! I can not believe it is a year since I undertook my Fellowship travels.

I visited Melbourne again to interview the beautiful Phoebe Porter (a Melbourne based Contemporary Jeweller)  and write the catalogue essay for her upcoming exhibition Unfold:  A solo exhibition investigating the bracelet form using cut and folded titanium sheet metal. The exhibition is not far away and launches on 18 October 2012, at Craft Victoria, Melbourne.

I have been working on the creative direction for ‘We Were Here’ the next of’s events happening in Singapore as part of Saturday Indesign, in early October.

I am presently in Shanghai with, enroute to Saturday Indesign 2012 and WAF (World Architecture Festival) Singapore. With the events less than two weeks away I am getting pretty excited!

Its great to be in the present!

Images 2 – 8 and 12 Photographed by James Braund for

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