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Centre: Simone Steel (Pin-Up Project Space) and Right: Patricia Lee (Palamont: art in manufacturing) beside the exhibition crates. Photography Norman Johnson.

Usually it takes me about 1/3 of the original installation time to actually demount an exhibition. With the generous assistance of Simone Steel and Patricia Lee we completed the demount in just over 5 Hours!

I think that has to be a record given it took 3 Days to set up the TRACE exhibition at Pin-Up Project Space, Melbourne.

Big Thank You to Simone and Patricia. Go Girl Power!

Guests start to arrive for the launch of the Why We Create series within TRACE at Pin-Up Project Space, Melbourne. Photography James Braund.

Invited guests from a diverse range of fields including Art, Design, IT, Engineering, Law, Media and Education joined the How We Create team for the Lunchtime Launch of the Why We Create Series.

The Why We Create initiative (founded by How We Create and I) seeks to spark a wider conversation about the process and value of design-led thinking in Australia. Interviews, discussions and public forums are occurring parallel to events that will take place across Australia over the next 12 months. The Launch of this series was held within TRACE at Pin-Up Project Space in Melbourne, on 16 May 2012, and marked the close of the exhibition.

Yes that’s me passionately speaking at the event. Photography James Braund.

Norman Johnson from How We Create and Palamont: art in manufacturing launched the series. I gave an intimate presentation into why I create, and the importance of creatives engaging with the wider business community.

Nicholas Rogers (Parameter Space) and Alexi Freeman (Alexi Freeman). Photography James Braund.

Fleur Watson in conversation (Pin-Up Project Space). Photography James Braund.

Gini Lee (Melbourne University) through Scale Screen. Photography James Braund.

Matt Ward with Martyn Hook (background). Photography James Braund.

Joanna Bosse, Gini Lee (Back) and Christina Waterson. Photography James Braund.

Simone LeAmon in focus. Photography James Braund.

Patricia Lee (Back)( Palamont), Alexi Freeman (Alexi Freeman), Norman Johnson (Back) (Palamont and How We Create) and Nicholas Rogers (Parameter Space). Photography James Braund.

Guests enjoyed good conversation and a beautiful selection of light tastes created by our special local friends Cibi (head, hands, heart) accompanied by refreshing organic apple juice and Pimms cocktails all served by the fabulous Boys and Girls team.

Special Thanks to Melbourne based photographer James Braund who documented the event exquisitely and of course to the team at How We Create.

South Johnstone Mill, South of Cairns, Queensland.

I grew up in Bundaberg sugar cane country. Bundaberg is defined by its rich red volcanic soil and endless sugar cane fields. Millaquin and Bingera Mill process sugar cane within the Bundaberg district. I have many vivid memories of cane burning, sheds filled with piles of raw sugar, giant rum vats and rich sweet smells experienced during countless school excursions to these mills. It left a lasting imprint in my memory.

While travelling from Cairns to Mission Beach I had the chance to revisit two of my favourite North Queensland Mills: South Johnstone and Babinda Mill.

 The scale of industry and the honesty of the construction.

Process dynamism uncontrived composition.

The mills were very quiet during my visit. The crushing season is June/July and November/December. A hive of activity occurs during crushing and still guides the cycle of life within these communities.

Locomotives now transport tonnes of freshly cut cane to the mills via hundreds of kilometres of cane train tracks. Cane harvesters cut the cane green now. Gone are the days when the sky would be filled with the glow of afternoon cane fires.

Cane train crossing sign near Babinda Mill.

Before the invention of the cane harvester the cane was cut by hand. Many of the early cane cutters would build houses (The Queenslanders) in the off-season. The Queenslanders that are dotted around Northern Queensland are testimony to their labour and the plentiful supply of timber in the area. Queenslanders were built entirely of native timbers.

Babinda Mill, South of Cairns.

Their form reminds me of large boats!

I know it must sound strange ‘A girl like me completely moved by places like this’. But there are things I find in these places that speak to me directly. They remind me of my home town and childhood summers. These industrial spaces have dramatic volume and light; almost like the cathedrals and mosques I have since visited in my adult life. They also have an honesty in material and planning that respond to the process, scale of industry and function.

The patina of time, season and use.

Beautiful Green Efficiency: Tree Trunk covered with climbing plants as they try to capture every bit of sunlight.

Entangled vines under the canopy

Beehive Ginger

Smooth Bark Kauri Pine

Fan Palm Canopy

Leaves on the track

Bursts of Colour

A Curtain Fig makes a slow run for it as it bridges a wall

Curtain Fig Detail

View from Cairns Botanical Gardens’ Red Walk looking over Trinity Inlet to the Coral Sea.

James Street Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

It’s been another world-wind week of site visits, travel, more site visits and a bit of R&R in North Queensland. Early in the week, Norman Johnson (from How We Create and Palamont) and I hit the pavement to check out potential spaces for the upcoming Brisbane Indesign installation of TRACE. And yes we might have found one…

TRACE Potential Space! Joy!

Next it was onto Sydney to site inspect Palamont’s latest project…One Central Park.

Palamont – Art in Manufacturing is currently involved in this major construction project designed by Jean Nouvel and Sir Norman Foster.

On Site: One Central Park Apartments, Sydney.

Inside the Atrium

Palamont has been instrumental in designing, manufacturing and delivering external planters for the ground breaking vertical gardens that distinguish this project.

Norman inspects the site.

And then it was on to Cairns… Expression of Interest… Mission Beach… breath…rest… and relax.

Sunrise over Mission Beach.

What a great way to wake up…

Each morning as I start my day I head down to Boundary Road, West End and have a coffee. Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am not a morning person.

First port of call is always Kerith Brook Cafe to visit Kevin and Esther. I am literally powered by Kevin’s great kick-start coffee and Esther’s delicious breakfast. I usually blog for tracepattern from their cafe. (Yes I am there now!) Kerith Brook Cafe is more like a spacious living room than just a cafe. It is always a pleasure to hang out in their peaceful environment.

Kevin and Esther are such lovely, kind and sincere people! Thank you Kevin and Esther!

I am so excited! My solo exhibition TRACE will return home for Brisbane Indesign (BID).

What is BID?

“…an ultimate event for design lovers … showcasing over 150 of the best local and international design brands in an exciting festival atmosphere…and takes place over two days (Friday 25 May and Saturday 26 May 2012) within showrooms and temporary locations.”

I spent part of yesterday checking out the venue on James Street in Fortitude Valley. Things are really heating up with only 24 Days to go until the event!!!

TRACE returning home to Brisbane will see a greater selection of my new work on show and the production of Tracelet. Stay tuned for the finer details…

Thank you again How We Create.