Wattle in Bloom

Hundreds of tiny exploding blooms of the wattle in bloom

Wattle in bloom. All photography by Christina Waterson.

Sometimes it takes a perfect (inspired) stranger to bring one’s mind back to the present. This morning one such stranger reminded me that it is that time of year when the wattle blooms in all of its glory. I have been so engrossed with projects I had not taken the time to appreciate our floral emblem’s beauty up close. This stranger rode past me on a bicycle. Bursting forth from their backpack was a joyous stash of wattle blooms.

The blooming of the wattle marks the time when University of Queensland students should start studying for their final examines – as opposed to when the Jacaranda blooms (which is way too late in the semester). It also marks a terrible time for hay-fever sufferers. Condolences!

New buds wait to bloom

New buds wait to bloom alongside others fully formed.

The wattle’s floral clusters of small concentrated yellow fluffy explosions punctuate the landscape; bushland comes alive with hypa-colour; streets are lined with a yellow haze; and bees and birds are intoxicated by the pollen and scent that ensues.

Thank you kind stranger for reminding me to be in the glorious present!

An engulfing intoxicating experience

Lost within the engulfing microcosm of exploding wattle inflorescences.

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