All Things Being Equal


Sky cliff. Photography by Christina Waterson.

Here sitting on the edge of the coming Equinox my mind drifts to balancing, measurement, natural forces and equals.

From my days of studying Architecture at University amid drawing and solar diagram exercises, I recall that our Earth is not tilted toward or away from the Sun during the Equinox – making the length of the day the same at all points on the Earth’s surface.

This year the Southward Equinox is pencilled in for 20:44 on 22 September. Nice numbers don’t you agree! The specific dates when the length of day and night are truly equal does vary from place to place though. And then in some places day is always longer than night – like in places near the equator. The equinox really represents a passage of shifting; turning over; or a midway point like when a spinning coin balances on its edge momentarily.

Finding the balance.

One eye looking out. One eye looking in. Photography by Christina Waterson.

Then there is the saying “All things being equal”. How can different things be truly equal? Perhaps for a fleeting moment or from a surface glance one could make this type of assumption. But for me it’s really about balance, rather than equality, and that looking outward at the external, is only one side of the whole story. Finding the balance within oneself may in fact bring order to the order of things around.

I find balance when I am making.

So this weekend through the passage of the Equinox give a thought to finding balance and accepting each moment as equally joyful, full of knowledge and surprise.

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