Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC, the 25th Governor of Queensland (Australia) presenting Christina Waterson with a Winston Churchill Fellowship in July 2010 at Government House.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was founded in 1965 to assist Australians in their search for excellence overseas. It aims to encourage them to gain experience, foster international relationships and cultural exchange; and share this knowledge within Australia as well as the wider global community. The research supported by The Winston Churchill Trust is independent. One hundred talented Australians are awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship annually.

My fellowship will take me to Japan, China and Turkey to research the origins or (as I put it) the space within the ancient patterns of these cultures. These cultures have a tradition of making that dates back hundreds of years, at a scale and ambition not matched anywhere in Australia. Through the people and places I will visit I hope to connect with a language of universal patterns that has resonated across cultures through time.

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A big THANK YOU  to my older brother William Waterson for migrating and sending live my updated website designed by designfront. I appreciate your Japan travel tips and sense of humour!

“IMPORTANT. Um, dont go to the fugu restaurant by accident. Its the one with giant live puffer fish swimming in the window (Hard to miss … “

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Thats Mum and Me in 1974 hanging out on the beach. Photo taken by Dad.

Thank you Mum and Dad for all of your encouragement and support. How special our time has been! It was you that always inspired me to see things differently and I treasure our friendship. You told me about the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and Fellowship more than 10 years ago. It took me that long to feel I was ready to apply. I feel very blessed to be here and know you.

  1. Graham said:

    Christina, Just trying to make contact with you if possible as I have heard that you spent sometime on some kind of design/art internship in Japan a few years ago. I would like to find out more if you are able to provide any details, who to contact, where to begin setting that kind of thing up…. If you could contact me at my email address: gfenemore2004@yahoo.com I would really appreciate it. Thanks…. Graham

    • Hello Graham,

      I travelled through a Winston Churchill Fellowship.The Fellowships are open to Residents of Australia and bridge across a diverse range of professions. My program – artists and makers and places visited – I formulated and presented to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and I was extremely fortunate to receive a Fellowship. Applications for this year’s Fellowships close on 20th February 2013! Go to Churchill Trust for details.

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