Made me smile 01

An amazing sunset over Mt Cootha, Brisbane!

Having time to enjoy it!

Going through my dress-up box and finding a shirt I used to wear when I was 21.

Seeing the silhouette of mangroves against bikeway patterns from a Brisbane River City Cat.

Groovy licorice all-sort coloured van.

An old meter on the street.

Celebrating because you can!

Mr Butcher Bird on my balcony railing.

Colour combinations.

Water evaporating in patterns on a tiled roof.

My Up-late pineapple.

The Andy Warhol feature on Face Time.

Full moon from a plane.

A man with a cauliflower!

Watching a chef passionately preparing precious flavours at Ortiga, Fortitude Valley.


  1. Kevin said:

    Where are you?…Haven’t seen you for ages…
    Drop in any time if you are in town.
    from Kerith Brook

    • Hello Dear Kevin,

      I have been so so busy in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne this month.
      Hope you and beautiful Esther are both really well.

      I will drop in and say hello soon.

      Best Christina

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