Monthly Archives: August 2012

I have been working with on a special event for the ‘MAKE it’ Precinct. The event is called Design a Cup! Be there to see the winner of the Design a Cup Competition announced and drink from their cup made LIVE on site! The event is part of Saturday Indesign, Melbourne.

RSVP is absolutely essential!

New South Wales, Australia

From Sydney’s CBD out to EVOstyles workshop at Oakville to meet with third generation wood craftsman Luke Ommundson. team had a guided tour through the process of wood-turning. EVOstyle will be working with designers Coco Reynolds and Jonathon Logan for ‘MAKE it’ Precinct, at Saturday Indesign, Melbourne.

Victoria, Australia

Launch Pad mentoring session and an impromptu presentation to the Launch Pad Finalists…Site visit at the location for the ‘MAKE it’ Precinct in Richmond/Cremorne. I am working with  Norman Johnson and Patricia Lee (Pictured on Site) from PALAMONT – art in manufacturing on a variety of fronts including marketing, logistics, design, staffing and detail for the day!

Queensland, Australia

Back in Brisbane tying up final details for Saturday Indesign, getting to know more about the Rotor Moulding Process with PALAMONT and doing it for in prep for ‘MAKE it’ Precinct

I didn’t just move through three physical states but three states of mind.


So yes, I have been very quiet on the blog front.

The main reason is because of my connection with and our intense prep for a special event: The ‘MAKE it’ Precinct for Saturday Indesign, Melbourne.

‘MAKE it’ is presented by and PALAMONT- art in manufacturing. The Precinct will be the hub for Manufacturers, Designers and Architects to come together and see making LIVE! There will be celebrated designers and artists teaming up with wood turners, metal spinners and rotor moulders to make special gifts for visitors. Very Special!

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