The Swap Table Revived

In the foyer of Torbreck, the apartment building where I reside, there is a table. Over the past few weeks the table has once again been revived as the residents’ beloved Swap Table. To celebrate I thought I would reblog extracts from a previous post all about the joy of swapping!

All sorts of things have started arriving on the table again; books; magazines; outgrown children’s clothes; interesting utensils; and toys. This is where you can also pick up a newspaper or the Brisbane News as you arrive home.

The best thing is that you can pick up a book for the afternoon, have a little read, and if it’s not your thing simply put it back on the table for someone else to enjoy.

There is one rule I do abide by – in order to pick an item up one must put something back on the table. Hence the name Swap Table. I have placed architecture magazines, books and dress up clothes on the table in the past, so feel A-OK about the odds and ends I pick up.

It’s such a joy again to walk through the foyer and discover what has arrived on the table overnight. A Harrod’s cheese platter was there yesterday!

I do love the community at Torbreck and Torbreck’s Swap Table!

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