Taking Flight 2011

Christina Waterson with Taking Flight 2011 (Folded Aluminium wall relief commissioned by Aurecon). Photography Jon Linkins.


Christina Waterson’s vibrant creative practice explores the junction between art, design and architecture. She makes artworks and large-scale public art commissions; designs exhibitions, events and product collections; and shares knowledge through lecturing, blogging, talks and workshops.

Trained as an architect, Waterson also studied art and design and practiced across these fields before establishing her own studio in 2007. Her experience includes an impressive array of creative roles for organizations such as Urban Art Projects, Cox Rayner Architects and Howwecreate. Waterson worked extensively as an Exhibition Designer for Institutions including The Queensland Art Gallery and The Museum of Brisbane.

Waterson’s artworks are scaled to the city and the individual, permanent and temporary but always concerned with the nature of materials and process of making. She uses repetition, pattern, depth and scale-play to create intricate three-dimensional surfaces. These are made as artworks that extend our spatial perception or are developed further into functional objects to enrich our contemporary spaces.

Waterson works with highly skilled artisans and collaborates with design houses to realize her design collections. Her recent collaborations have included with TAIT to produce Stellar (a series of sculptural screens and objects); and with fashion designer Gail Sorronda, to realise a range of accessories for Sorronda’s 2014 MBFW Australia runway show (Mermaids Exist: As Above/So Below).

Waterson’s innovative work has been featured in publications and exhibitions throughout Australia, Asia and Europe. Her unique approach has been celebrated through listings in DQ magazine’s Top Ten Forces and Faces in Australian and New Zealand Design; and receiving a highly coveted Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.

View Christina’s diverse practice at www.christinawaterson.com or check out her latest news at Christina Waterson Studio’s official instagram.

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