Running into “PHOEBE” at The Depot

Depot Part of Adelaide Festival 2013

The Depot – part of Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

On a hot Adelaide Saturday I ventured out to get an ice coffee and check out what was happening in my local area for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. A few blocks from Jam Factory I came across The Depot – located at the old bus depot on Franklin Street. For the Fringe it had been transformed into a shipping container pop up city boasting market stalls, live music, food and late night short film festival.

Market stalls full of all sorts of goodies housed in The Depot’s pop up shipping container city.

I grabbed a seriously good pour over ice coffee from BAR 9’s pop up coffee stop and headed into one of the market sheds to escape the heat.

Phoebe Lamps Discovereed

I spy with my little eye…through the crowd…

In the distance I saw a glowing light and like a moth to a flame I was drawn to this soft glow. Then I realised – hang on it’s PHOEBE… PHOEBE LAMPS!

Phoebe Lamps at DEPOT

…something beginning with “P”… Phoebe Lamps.

Phoebe Lamps are the brainchild of Adelaide based duo Åsa Jonasson (Designer) and Peter Harding (Architect/Designer). A beautiful concept realised in an accessible way – Phoebe Lamps enable you to personalise and change the pattern of light that lights your world. The insert panel means paper, posters, photographs, maps, news-clippings, or fabric can be inserted into the lamp shade.

Asa with Phoebe Lamps

Åsa Jonasson with one of the beautiful Phoebe Lamps.

I met Peter Harding back in 2008 during the Springboard Entrepreneurship Programme and also witnessed Peter and Åsa’s launch of Phoebe Lamps at Small Australian Projects, Brisbane in 2009. So you can imagine my joy on stumbling across their stall at The Depot.

Phoebe Lamp Stall

Phoebe Lamps Stall at The Depot.

Since the 2009 launch Åsa and Peter have further developed the Phoebe Lamp range – adding different sizes; rationalizing packaging to ensure its compactable; stream lining the way the light is mounted within the lamp shade and also establishing relationships with a range of stockists throughout Australia and online.

Passionate Åsa describes the potential of their idea.

They have also expanded their range of select patterns for use in Phoebe Lamps. CONGRATS guys! Check out their philosophy and range online at Phoebe Lamps.

Beautiful Range

Pattern range expanding.

It was so great to run into Åsa, Peter and of course Phoebe. After a long day we all enjoyed a cool beverage together as we watched the Short Film Festival at The Depot.

Short Film Festival at DEPOT

Staying cool, connected and inspired!


On the road.

An unexpected day of joy. THANK YOU Adelaide! I headed home In the cool of the night. On leaving The Depot I met some musicians making a get away with their instruments.

The Depot runs until 17 March 2013 check out full program here.

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