Drawing for Pleasure

Yes that's me drawing birds on a school art excursion circa 1987.

Yes, that’s me drawing birds at age 12, during a school art excursion. Circa 1987.

When I was growing up I loved to draw. As a child I was often still awake in the wee hours of the morning always drawing, painting and sketching. I would draw all kinds of things; flowers; birds; imaginary experiences from dreams, and still life compositions. I used charcoal, pastel and lead pencil with a free fluid approach.

I fell out of love with drawing in my early 20’s; mainly as a result of formal architectural training and practice. During an office day I would draw orthogonal lines day in and day out. I was drawing architecture. I was not drawing drawings.

Recently I have picked up the pencil (and paint brush) again and am drawing just for pleasure. Here I nervously share with you some of my first marks on paper…

First Marks: Untitled Composition. What is it a drawing of? It doesn't really matter... just a family of objects living in my studio.

First Marks: Untitled Composition 2013. What is it a drawing of? It doesn’t really matter… just a family of objects living in my studio. I realised through drawing this arrangement that I often make assemblages around my home without a conscious thought.

  1. Leesa Hickey said:

    great post Christina! Love the hat too. xleesa

    • Hello Leesa,

      Thank you for your kind feedback! It was a great hat!
      I used to wear it with a bright yellow painting smock. Rather distinctive attire!

      Best Christina

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