Things I Enjoy About Travelling 01

One of the things I love about travelling is receiving emails from my Mum and Dad about what’s happening in the bush around our family home. The first time I travelled overseas Mum would send telegrams. They would be waiting for me when I arrived in a new place. So very special!

I am travelling through Shanghai, Cambodia and Singapore over the next few weeks. Mum and Dad have started sending me the emails I treasure. Their daily stories and events. Here is one of my favourites, emailed through the other day as I arrived in Shanghai:

Dad rescued a Kookaburra from the pool Saturday Morning…Bedraggled and Listless…Towelled the Kooka off, dried with the Wigo Hair Dryer..fed her some meat…and after a while, the Kookaburra flew up into the Trees and Laughed and Laughed…with Her Mate..Now I have a big Dish of rain Water down under the Bottlebrush Trees, for her and all the other birds around to drink from there…

…Of Course the Willywag Tail &her Mate have a nest built in Your Cubby House and the two parents fly in and out feeding these chirpy Willys…..Dad poked a branch of a tree through the window space (that you would open with a string and piece of stick to prop the window open).
The Two Parent Willywag Tails bomb the Magpies that fly too close.

A Good Sport…for all the birds…and us to see… Enjoyable…entertaining…..

So great to receive! Thank you Mum and Dad!

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  1. Hey Christina!

    This is Veronica, gallery intern from Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore! I hope you still remember me! I have emailed Norman about a week ago but did not get any reply, so I thought I might be able to reach you here!

    I wanted to let you know it was a pleasure to meet both you and Norman and I was very inspired by the Saturday in Design event. Especially the beautiful cups that were able to bring the “human touch” to all things mass produced. I looked up online and I was also very drawn to the concept of where inspirational ideas are shared and have so much potential even in reaching out to those who are outside of the art circle.

    I have a great passion for the arts of and love to make and see things happen! If there is any possibility of me being in Australia I would very interested supporting art events or projects and its curation.

    Do drop by Singapore again!!

    Lots of love,

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