‘The Escape’ for One Can

The Escape for One Can, artisan.

The Escape for One Can at artisan: idea skill product. Photography by Christina Waterson.

I’d been given the task by Quench to create a work for the One Can exhibition. Each artist, designer or architect in the exhibition had to make a functional/sculptural/fun object from one standard sized drinking can. While I am well-known for my labour intensive artworks and designs, I decided to make it fun and keep it simple (short and sweet) as I’d spent the last few months burning the midnight oil on other projects that were both mentally and physically challenging. My work for One Can is entitled The Escape.

‘The Escape’ conjures a childhood delight of simple things. As a child I remember long and extremely hot summers where we’d often put soft drinks in the freezer to get them to a perfect slush puppy consistency. Sometimes forgotten, the cans would explode causing a mess. I imagined the cans exploded because the fairies that made the drinks’ bubble were escaping. ‘Sprite’ especially reinforced this because not only was it a drink it was also a word that described a fairy, pixie, elf or imp. ‘The Escape’ captures the moment immediately after the sprite has made its escape from the can. Christina Waterson March 2014

Other practitioners that have made work for the exhibition include Neil Davidson, Matt Dabrowski, Earl of Lunchington, Arkhefield, Damian Thompson, Matt Emerson, Pippin Blackwell, Paul Fairweather, Linsey Rendell, Shane Thompson, Nick Flutter and Michael Lineburg. One Can is on display at artisan in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane until 27 April 2014.

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