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There at it again! Check out this great competition DESIGN A CUP just announced! It builds on the success of DESIGN A CHAIR featured at Saturday in Design in Sydney last year, part of the How We Create installation. This time its part of Saturday in Design, Melbourne and yes How We Create and Palamont will be making the Winner’s Cup live on the day! How awesome!

Go to SiD website for details!

2012 Launch Pad Judges gather.

Esteemed judges gathered in a secret location to select the 2012 Launch Pad Finalists.

The Launch Pad program provides the local and international design community with a vital avenue to nurture and celebrate original, authentic and innovative emerging Australian design, thus supporting and cultivating the careers of those product designers involved.

We were in for an action packed day of reviewing the 50 shortlisted prototypes from Australia’s emerging design talent. There was some great work and therefore in-depth discussion about the merits of each entry; functionality, materiality, originality, path to market and what exactly makes good design!

A lot of time and effort had gone into the prototypes! It was really great to see them all up close.

Enthusiastic discussion of each design.

We selected the list of finalists to be showcased in the 2012 Launch Pad Finalists’ Exhibition as part of Saturday inDesign Melbourne (18 – 19 August 2012). Visit the official Launch Pad site for details.

GET THERE to hear the result and see the work!!!

An amazing sunset over Mt Cootha, Brisbane!

Having time to enjoy it!

Going through my dress-up box and finding a shirt I used to wear when I was 21.

Seeing the silhouette of mangroves against bikeway patterns from a Brisbane River City Cat.

Groovy licorice all-sort coloured van.

An old meter on the street.

Celebrating because you can!

Mr Butcher Bird on my balcony railing.

Colour combinations.

Water evaporating in patterns on a tiled roof.

My Up-late pineapple.

The Andy Warhol feature on Face Time.

Full moon from a plane.

A man with a cauliflower!

Watching a chef passionately preparing precious flavours at Ortiga, Fortitude Valley.


The 20 foot shipping container arrives at James Street.

It started rather early on Thursday for the team at How We Create and Palamont: art in manufacturing. The 20 foot shipping container, custom fitted with a rotational moulding machine, arrived at 5.30am. They had spent the previous week fitting it out, and had commissioned local Graffiti Artist John Ryder (through Jugglers Art Space Inc), to adorn the container envelope. Nice!

Container moved into its final position.

With the container placed the boys set about prepping and test running the machine.

Matthew Griffith (Production Manager) and Jason Brown (Logistics Manager) from Palamont, prep the machine and fit the tooling.

Matt fits Tool 01 to the rotational arm.

You spin me right round baby…

For Brisbane Saturday Indesign How We Create and Palamont made (live on site) mini planters designed by Australian Designers Andrew Berry and Helen Kontouris, as well as Alexander Lotersztain’s new Rock cup. These were given to visitors on the day. The planters came with special herb seeds and bedding mix to give them a good start.

Mini Planters and Rock Cups made live on site throughout the day.

The process was utterly mesmerizing. People from different fields and backgrounds always become entranced with the process and want to know more. Visitors waiting patiently for their mini watched the process, listened to tunes, caught up on design news and had a few awesome hotdogs!

Crowd waiting patiently for their pop tart like Minis!

Congratulations How We Create and Palamont: art in manufacturing for such an awesome event and sharing the joy of manufacturing! Great photos by George Dedic from How We Create and Palamont.
Check out some of John Ryder’s process and Jugglers’ review of the day at Peter Breen’s blog.

BID marked a very special day at TRACE. I personally met and spoke with hundreds of people from different streams and stages of design practice; including the inspired general community, design students, budding artists, architects, ‘Star Designers’ from Queensland and Interstate, and Creative Industry Reps.

Once the doors opened I did not have a minute to catch my breath. I personally shared Tracelet’s conceptual and manufacturing background and gave a set to each individual.  The enthusiasm of everyone I met through out the day was truly inspiring. The day was a beautiful gift!

Great photos by George Dedic from Palamont and How We Create. Thank you George!

I couldn’t have made it through the day without the kind assistance of KT Doyle and Karl Hilton. Thank you so much for being my rock on Saturday! You were both so amazing.

Check out KT Doyle’s review of BID and her beautiful work at

One half of the finished tool for Tracelet machined from tool steel.

Through the amazing support of How We Create and Palamont: Art in Manufacturing I was personally connected with specialist toolmaker and injection molder, Kevin Hopkinson from the Brisbane based Ashden Industries. With Kevin’s 25 years of experience in this area, the quality and detail of Tracelet was realised beyond expectation.

Machining the Copper Electrode

Final surface detail and finish spark eroded into tool.

All I can say is thank you Kevin! What a pleasure working with you!

Thank you How We Create and Palamont: Art in Manufacturing!