‘MAKE it’ Precinct for SID

So yes, I have been very quiet on the blog front.

The main reason is because of my connection with howwecreate.com and our intense prep for a special event: The ‘MAKE it’ Precinct for Saturday Indesign, Melbourne.

‘MAKE it’ is presented by howwecreate.com and PALAMONT- art in manufacturing. The Precinct will be the hub for Manufacturers, Designers and Architects to come together and see making LIVE! There will be celebrated designers and artists teaming up with wood turners, metal spinners and rotor moulders to make special gifts for visitors. Very Special!

 Check out full details at howwecreate.com
1 comment
  1. Dan J said:

    So wish we could have come down for that. Hope you have fun! We expect a full report!

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