Depth of Field written by Kirril Shields for (Inside) #72 pg 96 -100.

I am proud to share with you an article about my practice just published within the pages of (Inside) #72 Magazine; called Depth of Field, written by Kirril Shields.

It is special to have a treasured moment like this. To share with a wide audience, listen to what other people make of my projects, to reflect, to gain perspective and celebrate the people who contribute to my practice.

Beautiful layout by Niche Media. Special Thanks to Leanne Amodeo (Editor) and Kirril Shields (Writer).

Thank you to my photographers Jon Linkins, Christopher Frederick Jones, David Sandison and Tobias Titz. All have imagery featured in this article (captured over many years). Thank you to clients and collaborators such as Aurecon and Cox Rayner Architects.

Thank you to the makers and suppliers including Palamont: art in manufacturing, Rockpress, Everything Metal, B&S Washers and Reverse Garbage.

Thank you to the venues that hosted the exhibitions and installations including The Brisbane Convention Centre, The State Library of Queensland and Pin-up Project Space, Melbourne.

Thank you to the organisations that have supported research, development, realisation and exhibition of the works featured via Grants, Fellowships and Sponsorship including Arts Queensland, The Brisbane City Council, The Winston Churchill Fellowship Memorial Trust, The Australian Council for the Arts and


Thank you to the people that inspire me; peers and confidants. My love to family and friends. Such support!

Yes the list is long. It would be remiss of me to say I did it all on my own. It does actually take many passionate individuals and organisations and in-depth conversation and massive amounts of true belief. 

Inside #72 Cover

You can read the full Depth of Field article online at or BETTER STILL head to your news stand and get a copy in the flesh. I have to say (Inside) #72 presents a wealth of Australian Design talent including interviews with Kate StokesJohn Goulder, and Design by Them just to name a few…

  1. Congratulations Christina! Great article, which showcases your career and work beautifully!

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