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CMWaterson - Printmaking with Christine Willcocks BSA 2016 - 3s

Reviewing the diversity of prints made during the Christine Willcocks’ Printmaking Taster at BSA. Photography Christina Waterson.

In light of 2015 being a year of realising large scale public artworks I decided to dedicate the beginning of 2016 to getting back to creative origins and rekindling my creative spark by some intensive making in the studio and attending a series of Summer Tasters run by The Byron School of Art (BSA).


Christine Willcocks’ at the press. Photography Christina Waterson.

A highlight was Christine Willcocks’ intimate printmaking taster. She shared her experience, valuable insights and cross disciplinary approach to transfer and mono printing.  Christine makes beautiful and meticulous work with a passion for drawing, photography and 3D. Printmaking is the backbone of her practise. See Christine’s work at her website.


The class was held at BSA’s light and airy Dalley Street Studio, Mullumbimby NSW.

What a lovely way to start the year! A big thank you to Christine Willcocks and The Byron School of Art.