HIGHTIDE the Exhibition: Digging Deeper Reaching Higher

Hightide Opens at artisan

The Hightide exhibition opened at artisan: idea skill product on 31 October 2013. Photography Christina Waterson.

The Hightide: Queensland Design Now exhibition and book serve as a terrific introduction to the featured 22 Queensland designers. A sample of their designs, realised from 2002 to 2012, appear in the exhibition and speak of their passion to make inspirational objects that become a special part of people’s everyday lives. Their designs also show a sensitivity to materials and a celebration of light and shadow informed by a deep connection to this place, Queensland. Lift the corner a little and you find the designers’ true depth and contribution rest further afield beyond their designs.

Catching up

Catching up: Benjamin Breitenstein (luxxbox and Made Here Now) and Karl Hilton. Photography Christina Waterson.

Many of the designers’ projects have been realised throughout Australia and overseas. They redefine and push materials in ways that only come from working closely with makers and manufacturers in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region. Many of the featured designers collaborate with practitioners across fashion, food, architecture, and design as well as give ongoing mentorship to design students and design professionals. They have side projects in publishing and writing as well as exhibition and event design.

David Shaw and KT Doyle

The inspiring David Shaw and KT Doyle in deep conversation. Photography Christina Waterson.

Designers including Daniel Tobin (UAP), Jason Bird (Luxxbox), Alex Lotersztein (Derlot) and Luis Nheu (Interior Designer, Brand + Slater) have contributed to public art, interior and architectural projects across the globe. Others write and publish books, journals and guides. Jason Bird initiated, wrote and published Hightide: Queensland Design Now. KT Doyle, Surya Graf and Christina Waterson (yes me!) share their inspiration, process and perspective through their blogs What I Learned Last Week, A Sugar Fry and Tracepattern, respectively.

Bjorn Rust is a Co-founder and the editor-in-chief of Scrag End Journal (about food and also a cut of lamb). Darcy Clarke has written a guide entitled Creating a Difference: Business Tips for Creative People to Become Business People. David Shaw (Street & Garden) and Marc Harrison (husque) maintain thriving design businesses and have actively mentored some of the featured designers for many years; importantly guiding, informing and inspiring them and the next generation of practitioners.

Lift the Corner

Dig deeper and see what you discover…

I wholeheartedly encourage you to visit the Hightide exhibition at artisan, enjoy the Hightide book with a coffee and a sweety, and then take the time to look a little closer into the 22 Queensland Designers.

You will be truly inspired by not only the breadth of their world class designs and depth of practice, but also the true heights of their creative reach!

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  1. A great comment by Designer KT Doyle just came through:

    What a lovely, considered, generous post Christina. You have given a great little summary of the show and book, but more importantly, the people involved. Congratulations on your beautiful work in the exhibition. And, I love your blog. Keep writing!

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