Lately people have asked me why I don’t include more posts about me or my current work. They ask “Isn’t it your blog? Shouldn’t you just use your blog to present your work?”

Maybe! Sometimes my blog does include posts about my latest projects, media reviews, events, exhibitions, awards or successes. But you know as well as I do that creative people do not live in an isolated bubble. We are in the world and are informed by the things around us – the people we meet and the places we visit.

I find joy when I shine the light on other people’s creative pursuits – be it within Australia or further afield overseas. I openly share my moments of inspiration – personal meetings with gifted people and experiences in unique and moving places.

Toto shows me the feeling of Karakami.

Toto guides me through the beautiful process of Karakami at Karacho.

Delicate pressure applied to the Washi.

Delicate pressure applied by Toto to Washi and wood block.

Special people like Aiko and Toto from Karacho in Kyoto. Never a day goes by that I do not think of my experience with them and the personal feeling of Karakami with Karacho.

Mr Ohashi San

Mr Ohashi San weaving in his studio, Beppu (Japan).


Keiji at his Bunkyo-ku Studio, Tokyo.

Eastern Weft Textiles

Eastern Weft Textiles shared with me by Samorn Sanixay, Sydney.

I treasure being welcomed into Mr Ohashi San’s practice and the process of weaving bamboo. Meeting inspiring practitioners like Japanese Architect and Designer Keiji Ashizawa, and Australian based Samorn Sanixay co-founder of Eastern Weft was very special.

The Beautiful Arda Gokger

The beautiful Arda Gokger guided me through Istanbul.

Bruce and I talked surrounded by colour and pattern

Bruce Lepere and I talked surrounded by colour and pattern (London).

John Quan

Designer John Quan, Jam Factory (Adelaide).

I was transformed through unique experiences like those with Arda Gokger at The Rustem Pasha Mosque (Turkey); Conversations with Bruce Lepere from Oriental Rugs at Liberty of London or more recently visiting JamFactory and spending Sunday afternoon with Designer John Quan.

Byon Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Byon Temple, Siem Reap (Cambodia).

Aya Sofya Wow

Hagia Sophia (Turkey).

An amazing sunset!

An amazing sunset at my place!

There are personal moments at Byon Temple and Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Hagia Sophia (Turkey), or simply sunset at my place and moments of nature. I can share these moments through a personal frame. It means the world is a richer place through further cross-pollination.

The key thing that I learnt through my Winston Churchill Fellowship Travels was that creatives across the globe have similar challenges and joys. We use a common language of making that transcends cultural borders. We are all part of a creative tribe.

Think of the special people who have inspired you in your life or work. Get in touch with them. Write them an email, a postcard or message on Facebook. Say hello and thank them in your own special way! It will keep the creative energy flowing and growing and make a positive difference to their day!

My list of inspiring people gets longer with every day. When I get in touch with them, often they are unaware of the difference they have made and just how much they have affected me!

I cannot say THANK YOU enough!

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