sydney stopover

TRACE invite

I hit the ground running on my return to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Meetings….Studio Work… Submitting my Winston Churchill Fellowship Report… Working with Pin-Up… Receiving awesome sponsorship from How We Create…THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!!

Playing with Rubber… asking myself Who am I? Who do I think I am after all of the experiences with amazing people from all over the globe… And of course, Lots and Lots of MAKING…

Well the last few weeks I have not blogged much. That’s because I have been in full prep mode for my SOLO exhibition TRACE at Pin-Up Project Space in Melbourne Australia…

TRACE maps and connects the underlying conceptual ideas that thread through the practice of Brisbane based architect and artist Christina Waterson. By physically surveying the origins of her work, the new collection embodies a 3-dimensional ‘trace’, sketch or echo of past trajectories. A softening of material and a simplification of line results in Waterson’s return to essential forms and qualities. Like a stone smoothed by the tidal waters of the ocean, sharp lines soften to tactile curves and arabesques. A palette of materials that range from rubber, leather and felt resonate with a return to artisan values within the traditions of leather work, sewing, beading and macramé.

A collection of work within the exhibition is informed by Waterson’s recent Winston Churchill Fellowship Research experiences.

I am so excited about the new work I may explode at any moment! Stay Tuned!!!

The list of jobs continued…

Demount Interactions: Andresen O'Gorman Architects at the Asia-Pacific Design Library, State Library of Qld. In its place install the Artichoke Exhibition; celebrating the history of Artichoke Magazine.

Work with Jon Linkins to photograph studies/work produced between 2007 - 2010. Thank you Jon once again for your time, insight and great coffee!

Take stock of who I am, who I think I am, what my passions are and who/what inspires me.

Age 12 drawing parrots and quails on a school excursion (L); Bloom Series 2D pattern (C); Objects of Inspiration: Glass beads, Liberty Fabric, Cruzada lamp by Darcy Clarke, shadows etc (R).

Website upgrade by designfront to include recent projects such as Fuzzy Dub 2010 (L) as well as projects completed as far back as 1996 (C) and 2001 (R).

Stop over at Sydney Indesign. Visit How We Create’s Launch and run into the guys from SG Furniture Co. (Happy 20th B’Day, I like the new branding and website!); re-pack again; fall in love with Eastern Weft

Sydney Skyline; visit Dean and Raymond at Workshopped (in their new digs); Darcy Clarke at Hub.

Attend the Indesign after party, enjoy great live music and learn how to use wordpress …

< Samorn holding Eastern Weft textiles. The front and reverse of their handiwork. Brilliant colours! >

On Saturday I had the pleasure of having a Surry Hills’ cuppa with Samorn Sanixay from Eastern Weft. Eastern Weft is a weaving house located in Vientiane, Laos, founded by Samorn Sanixay and Kaisy Sophabmixay. Their cooperative creates beautiful hand-woven textiles, and in doing so provides sustainable livelihoods for skilled young weavers from Laos’ diverse range of ethnic minorities.

Each weaver brings unique experience, skills, techniques and motifs to the textiles. Simply inspirational from origin, intention, making and experiencing. Samorn’s modest presence, perspective and dedication is beautiful and inspiring.

Please view Eastern Weft’s textiles and commitment at especially ‘weave’ that shows their care and craft; from silk worms to natural locally sourced dyes and the integration of Laos’ diverse textile heritage. Very special!