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1 Scott Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland.

Scott Street Apartments (designed by Jackson Teece Architects) is located at the junction of Kangaroo Point and The Story Bridge, Brisbane. It is an intriguing building from the outside with sculptural facade, and shimmering tiles that reflect the changing mood of the sky. Exquisitely detailed both inside and out, Scott Street is testimony to the importance of understanding context, siting, program and the experience of joyful living. Its considered relationship with a wider context means that the joy is experienced by not only the residents of the apartments but also the residents of the wider city.

Sculptural Relief: Precast concrete facade inspired by native mangrove and melaleuca forests found along the Brisbane River.

View to Brisbane’s CBD (including Riparian Plaza by the late Harry Seidler) between Scott Street apartments and adjacent Heritage Listed Silverwells Residence.

Scott Street Apartment Entry on Main Street.

Recently I had the chance to visit Scott Street Apartments. This opportunity came about through an artwork request by artisan: idea skill product. artisan were asked by Lindsay Bennett Marketing to fit out one of the amazing full floor apartments. artisan is an active body in Queensland ‘presenting and promoting unique and individual quality crafted design to an Australian and international audience’.

They selected works from more than 20 Queensland Creatives for one full floor apartment at Scott Street. Works included those by artists Lincoln Austin, Ian Friend and Leonard Brown; makers Kenji Uranishi, Will Marx and Joanna Bone; and designers Fukutoshi Ueno, Alexander Lotersztain, Brian Steendyk, David Shaw, Kent Gration, Surya Graf, Jason Bird and Easton Pearson. Please view the photos of these talented creatives’ work at Scott Street featured on artisan’s blog spot.

It was very refreshing to see this diverse selection within the one environment. Usually you witness works by specific artists or designers in a solo or group exhibition in a gallery environment. I have never experienced these kind of juxtapositions before in someone’s (potential) home. There was a comfortable nesting of materials, mediums and concepts and of course I was very excited to experience my work in this mix.

Me with X-Screen 2008: This particular format of X-Screen was made especially for the Gallery Corridor at Scott Street. You can see Alexander Lotersztain’s Crusoe Sofa with Scott Street’s Sculptural Facade behind. Photography by Andrea Higgins for artisan.

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