TRACE Installation

We Begin

We unpacked the works and laid them out within the substantial space of the gallery. Some of the works were very very new and so it was the first time I had witnessed the parts together.

Kate Riggs follows my set out drawing of the NEW work Scale Screen.

It took us three intensive days and a few late nights to install TRACE. 

At the end of a late night Martyn Hook surveys the progress. My hands shake as I take this photo. I am so tired.

The works in the exhibition ranged from very small to quite large. A team of people worked with me to complete the installation. They included Kate Riggs (RMIT Architecture Student/Pin-up Student Assistant), Simone Steel (Pin-Up In-turn), The Martyn Hook ( Pin-Up co-Founder/Architect and Melbourne Editor of AR Magazine), Fleur Watson (Pin-Up co-Founder/Curator/Former Editor of Monument Magazine), and my dear friend and jeweller; the beautiful Anna Varendorff.

THANK YOU so Much!!!

Nearly Finished...


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