The Design Museum: London

Entry to the Kenneth Grange Exhibition: Design Museum London

I viewed the Kenneth Grange: Making Britain Modern exhibition at the Design Museum. The exhibition showed his products, prototypes, sketches and models made throughout his diverse and fruitful career.

Exhibition view showing prototypes and process...

...signage, symbols...

... hidden detail within some of his design classics.

I also visited the Design Museum’s Designers in Residence 2011 exhibition. It offered a great insight into the work and design process of four British Designers: Jade Folawiyo, Simon Hasan, Will Shannon and Hye-Yeon Park. The designers were selected for the strength of their response to the brief ‘In Pursuit of Imperfection’. The exhibition showed their sketches, models, tests, working drawings, and prototypes, as well as the final developed commissions.

Will Shannon's furniture from his Autonomous Workplace no004: Mobile Particle Board Factory

The designers explored concepts of the imperfect surface and value: the connection yet difference between the craftsman and volume production; the revaluing of existing mass-produced materials to make crafted furniture; and our imperfect ability to control time. Jade Folawiyo’s work exploring the imperfect surface through tarnishing and rusting of a patterned surface was moving, along with Simon Hasan’s melding of leather craft and mass production techniques through material to make a seat.

Simon Hasan’s Work using Cuir Bouilli (Boiled Leather)

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    • Thank you Christopher for your kind feedback.

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      Best Christina

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