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Hanasho: Flower and Art

Eba unwraps bunch of red roses number...

My favourite from the day: Snow Bells

The best way to spend Valentine’s day is in a Florist! But you have to make sure it’s not just any florist! I spent my Valentines Day at Hanasho in West End, Queensland (Australia). Eba who owns Hanasho is more than a florist. He is an artist; a maker; a craftsman using flowers, and twigs and leaves as his medium. Hanasho also engages with the local community through artist nights and fundraising events, and stocks artworks, jewellery, furniture and constructions from local designers and makers.

Roses especially for the day

Traditional Bunch (Mix of Natives and Protea) rest on Designer Fukutoshi Ueno's Dress Code; a collaboration between Fukutoshi and the esteemed fashion designer Akira Isogawa

I enjoyed the messages of love… the expressions on people’s faces on receiving their flowers…the flowers themselves with their scent and their sublime delicacy; almost like love itself; fleeting and yet so desired.

I had an absolutely beautiful day with Eba and his partner Conny, and all of the clients who return to Hanasho because of Eba’s unique talents and art. Thank you!

Passion fruit Flower

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  1. Maz said:

    The bush flowers are beautiful…I Love the Snow Flowers……I can Smell the Roses….

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