For my Mum

Treasures within a discreet shop front

My Mum has taught me many things. To work hard at the things I love; to look deeper beyond surface; and to value all of the beautiful things in the world; from people to nature and their celebration in ceramics, glassware, jewellery and prints. During my daily walks in Istanbul I came across a little shop that had many beautiful treasures. They reminded me of my Mum and the curios that surrounded me during my childhood.

These photos are for you Mum to inspire you today! Thank you!

Thimbles, pen nibs, eyeglasses, clock faces, shell Cameos…
More spectacles, brooches, pins, amber beads…
Stamps for printing fabric…
Stamps for pressing metal…
Vintage italian glass micro-mosaic brooches…
Cufflinks, snuff boxes, glass eyes for dollies…
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  1. Maz said:

    Thank YOUxmxmaz

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