Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern Entry (Yes that is a Cruise Liner in the left of the photo). Unfortunately no photos were allowed to be taken inside The Istanbul Modern.

I visited The Istanbul Modern on several occasions to enjoy their extensive collection and see the Istanbul Biennial. The Istanbul Modern, through its collection, exhibition and discussion of work via extensive public programmes, shares Turkey’s Cultural Identity (both contemporary and historical) within the context of International art, design architecture, new media and film. I saw artworks (installations, sculpture and moving image) by artists including Inci Eviner, Kuzgun Acar, Osman Dinc, Olufur Eliasson, and Canan Dagdelen.

Olufur Eliasson’s work was meditative as it enabled me to feel the space with the transformation of light radiating through his geometric form and the void of space, to cast shadows on the surrounding walls.

Inci Eviner’s work was really interesting in the context of my research, as it questioned attitudes about traditional representations (especially those used in Ottoman tiles). She aimed to make evident the motif and pattern’s role to relay political meaning. She replaced elements within traditional European wallpapers with personal ideograms and symbols found within traditional patterns; also incorporating the moving image into the compositions.

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