Dhoku at The Grand Bazaar

Dhoku group, lead by Mehmet Gureli, produces contemporary rough-hewn, flat weave rugs. Dhoku means ‘texture’. Mehmet comes from three generations of experience in Turkish Rugs. Dhoku produces EthniCon Vintage a type of rug that blends undamaged portions of antique ethnic Turkish kilims to make contemporary rugs.

Traditional rugs salvaged, re-dyed and trimmed; New Life and New Beauty
Dhoku launched their new range with traditional kilims designed by SUPERPOOL

They also make new kilims using traditional patterns hand woven with sheep yarn on Anatolia looms. The most beautiful of these incorporate natural dyes and simple two color patterns. While in Istanbul I met with Mustafi Gureli a number of times to discuss Dhoku’s process, material qualities and limitations of weaving to pattern making and the patterned designs.

Very generous and passionate people! Special Thanks to Mustafi Gureli from Dhoku!

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  1. Maz said:

    BeauTIful. (What an experience to see such beauty)…..

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