The Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul cats at home

I have always been a ‘dog person’ I guess because growing up in the bush we had dogs for company, work and protection. Only recently have I formed a bond with cats (mainly through a certain cat named TK). While in Istanbul I found a variety of cats everywhere, each with their own character. Along with keeping the streets free of rats and mice they have a special place within folklore as well as belief in Istanbul.

Moshi Moshi spies two Toms sitting on a car bonnet outside 

More than a year ago a special cat had decided to adopt my host Arda. When i arrived, the cat was heavily pregnant and looked like a mini Holstein Cow. She still didn’t have a name. We named her Moshi Moshi and I spent many nights comforted by her warm purr and special motherly company.

Moshi Moshi in all her glory

Before I left Istanbul Moshi Moshi started to look for a hiding spot to give birth. By the time I arrived home in Australia, she had given birth to two healthy kittens in one of Arda’s handbags!

Cheeky Moshi Moshi!


  1. All the season’s-greetings-and-best-wishes-for-what’s-ahead blather.

    I saw a bluestone house in Adelaide that reminded me of some of your craftiness. It made me wonder how you travelled.

    Hope that all is well with you. I loved the cats episodes

    What’s your next conquest?

    Love always
    Peter Sergej

    • Hello Peter,

      Thank you for getting in touch! Travelled well! Inspired! and getting ready for a solo exhibition in Melbourne among other things!
      Hope you are well! Adelaide? I have never been to Adelaide!

      Best Always


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