The Power of Making at the V&A

“Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems, express ideas and shape our world. What and how we make defines who we are, and communicates who we want to be.” Guest Curator, Daniel Charny

The Power of Making exhibition at the V&A, highlighted the importance of making through time and its continued presence in our lives today; for survival, as a tradition passed down, as a vocation and for discovery. The 100 objects from all over the world included in the exhibition, marked this moment in time, showing the varied techniques, combination of materials, hi-tech and lo-tech processes and technology, merging of professions, and the re-valuing of traditional techniques.

It was timely to visit this exhibition as it reminded me of the joy and peace I find in making. Even with the most experimental intentions there are always guiding parameters: from the materials (qualities and properties), tools, scale, the maker’s physical limits and eternal natural forces (gravity). Sometimes in making, things go wrong. Sometimes these are the moments when the ‘mistake’ becomes an innovation, a learning experience and a discovery.


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