SCAD Hong Kong

SCAD’s amazing facilities; including break out areas featuring SCAD alumni’s work; green screen studios; and Court rooms adapted for lectures

We met with Grant Preisser, Associate Vice President of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Hong Kong. He guided us through SCAD’s new facilities focusing on works by SCAD students and alumni that lined the halls and public areas of the building.

The adaption of the Court House has made interesting spaces for SCAD students, especially installation artists, to explore their works

SCAD Hong Kong is housed in a heritage listed Court Building and so includes cells, court rooms and public spaces that have been sensitively adapted for their new function as a learning hub for creative careers such as drawing, photography, sculpture and digital imaging. SCAD believes in process led practice where intense studios encourage the medium to guide the experience and process of design and making in all of its forms.

Grant also walked us through Oceana at SCAD’s Moot Gallery, an exhibition of new photographic work by SCAD alumna Lisa M. Robinson. Her work beautifully captured the transformative nature of water (its shape, movement and mood during moments of becoming); during storm surges, changes of state from ice to fluid currents and vice versa. The work resonated with me and echoed the importance of nature’s role in the making of patterns. From early times to the ever-present nature continues to inform and inspire culture especially through art making.

Amazing Location: Tracy and Claire (Gallery Associate) at SCAD Central Gallery, Hong Kong

We made our way to SCAD Gallery in Central Hong Kong where we met with Claire Cheung, SCAD Gallery Associate and viewed work by Yeondoo Jung in the exhibition entitled The Mechanics of Invention.


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