Indesign Magazine #47: Taking Flight

Indesign Magazine #47 Out Now!
Indesign Magazine: Evolve p28 -29
“Up, Up and Away”

“Aurecon – a world-class engineering, management and specialist technical servicing group – recently commissioned Brisbane designer Christina Waterson to design an inspirational wall work for their reception area. The resulting work is Taking Flight, a vivid red flock of folded aluminium. “ ‘Aurecon’ means golden thought,” says Waterson. “In the work, I aimed to capture a ‘golden’ or precious moment evoking a sense of action and growth, similar to birds alighting from a forest or the flourish of blooms in spring.” Many tests with paper were undertaken before the extreme folds of the piece were decided on. Waterson has recently returned from a trip to Japan, China and Turkey, where she was conducting research into the “origins and space within the ancient patterns of these cultures” as part of a Winston Churchill Fellowship.” (Text MK)

Thank you Mandi Keighran and Linda Cheng from Indesign for including my recent ‘Taking Flight’ commission for Aurecon in Indesign #47 and Jon Linkins once again for the beautiful photography!


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