We interrupt the scheduled program…01

I was in Townsville during the week installing artworks under arkhi-Creative for Prophecies a pumping all night music event, held at Townsville Show grounds on November 12. It was pretty hot and there was a lot to do. I worked with Vix, a Townsville based spray artist and his crew for arkhi-Creative to complete the installation.

Day 01: Vix and I chill out after a hard work afternoon

A series of weavings from my elemental series of works (first produced in 1996) were made for this event.

Michael and Adam; Townsville Showgrounds; Pappas and Adam; Setting Up; Vix Spraying; Weavings; Painting the Weavings; Adam Macks and I; Painted and Installed Weavings

Lots of work and lots of fun! A very special THANK YOU to Adam Macks from arkhi-Creative for bringing me into the mix.

  1. akmacks said:

    Dear Chrissy,

    Working with you was a rare pleasure indeed.

    I hope you have more space here to post some of the “on the night” photographs of your work being the backdrop and visual background to stimulate an estimated crowd of over 700 attendees at the Prophecies event. I now have a lively collection of your artwork to treasure forever and use at future outdoor arts and lifestyle festivals up here in the north.

    Best regards,
    Adam Macks


    ❤ arkhi-san
    arkhi-CREATIVE Services

    • Hello Mr Macks,
      It was such a pleasure working with you and my time up North truly Townsville exotic!!
      Full post about event on the way!
      Best is the new Black!

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