Red Gate Gallery

Red Gate Gallery: Watchtower in Dongbianmen

While in Beijing, I had the pleasure of meeting with Brian Wallace, founder and director of Red Gate Gallery. Having been in China since 1984 Brian founded the gallery in 1991. It is the first private contemporary art gallery established in China. Its main focus is to promote contemporary Chinese Artists and their works. Red Gate Gallery itself is housed within the 600-year-old Ming Dynasty Watchtower in Dongbianmen. It is an amazing venue; especially the central watch house void which is a dream location for installation artists.


Central Watchtower void

Central Watchtower void

When I met with Russell Moses, from the Beijing Centre he compared Japan broadly to a circle and China to a square. Interesting. Brian and I talked about China and Japan; we agreed in many ways trying to compare them is like attempting to put a square peg in a round hole. Many of the crossovers within early art and craft are related to patterns of culture, society, and life; harvesting similar food crops and materials for shelter, experiencing like seasons and sharing many of the same plants and animals.

I was very fortunate to meet Brian from Red Gate Gallery and Russell from the Beijing Centre and be given such important insights. On Brian’s recommendation I headed to the Opposite House, a boutique hotel in the new Sanlitun Road Chaoyang District, where Red Gate Gallery exhibits artwork within The Opposite House’s foyer.

Leaving Red Gate

Watchtower defensive wall


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