Beijing, China

Needing to have a nap!

I arrived in Beijing.

I jumped from the Airport shuttle bus into the middle of CHAOS. It was a Friday leading into a holiday weekend. There were people and bikes and cars honking everywhere and a major traffic-jam.  Beijing is a city with a population of 20 million (three-quarters official and the remainder ‘floating’). I could feel it!

I decided to walk to my Hotel given that it was going to take an hour within the chaos for a Taxi to travel a few blocks. Beijing’s city blocks were at a scale I hadn’t witnessed before. So what seemed not far on the map was in fact quite a hike. I found that I had the distance right in my head running North-South but I kept running short in the East-West direction. There was also another layer of streets and alleys that to me seemed quite major, but weren’t in the scheme of things. I arrived at my Hotel…sat for a while in the foyer and then lay down in my room…

…I may have overdone it on the bike in Kyoto but it was worth it!

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    An Adventure…adventure on

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