Day 3 with Shigeomi Ohashi: the morning

We spent Day 03 at Platform 07 with Ohashi-san and my special interpreter for the day, Junko. Ohashi–san spoke about his large-scale installations and community projects.

Cocoon of Dreams installation by Ohashi-san at Yufuin Station (JR Kyusyu)

We resumed the process of preparing the strips for weaving. I asked Ohashi if he felt he was connected to the bamboo through his work. Ohashi explained his connection was like breathing. He cannot go without it he is not separate from the bamboo and the bamboo is not separate from him. They are one. He asked me to prepare some of the strips as he had shown me. It was a delicate feeling. If I pulled the bamboo hard it would be hard and get stuck so it was with a soft smooth constant action that I felt and achieved the balance.

A special group of delegates visited Platform 07 to meet with us. They included Sakamoto Noriko (Beppu Project Public Relations), Kosuke Murayama (The Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities), and Hiroko Ohtsuki (Museum Education and President for IDEA Inc.) My interpreter Junko Abe organized the visit. Junko was in fact The Cultural and International Affairs Officer for The Beppu City Hall.

Special delegates visit Platform 07

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