Day 2 with Shigeomi Ohashi: the afternoon

We returned to central Beppu after our magical encounter with Hajime Nakatomi.

The Beppu City Council is extremely active in their encouragement of creative art, craft and design. They have set up a number of Platforms or spaces within the city for traditional and contemporary (local, national and international) artists to occupy in their different ways (Platform 02). The aim is for people to encounter art from three disciplines (art, dance and architecture) in everyday life. They have spaces to allow the dialogue between artisans and the community, as well as the promotion of work created through the Platform Project and Beppu Project. So there is a Cafe (Platform 03), Art/Book Store (Platform 04) and general exhibition/workshop/discussion/presentation spaces.

The special place for Bamboo Weaving and Bamboo Art is Platform 07 and that is where we were headed.

Platform 07: The Bamboo Weaving Space in Beppu City centre
Beppu Bamboo Weavers and Artists at work

We had a cool lemonade, discussed the morning in the mountains, and then Ohashi-san prepared some bamboo for Day 03.

Starting with lengths of whole bamboo Ohashi-san cuts them into strips…
…and then finer and finer strips

When the strips are at the desired thickness for the specific object to be made, they are soaked in water overnight.

Day 02 was a GREAT DAY!!!


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