makedo at tokyu hands

After my meeting with Ubushina I headed back to Shinjuku. It started to rain pretty heavily so I dashed into Tokyu Hands, at Time Square Building. Wow! So many things; raw materials perspex, metal, wood, paper: and then of course the products: a personalised banana carrier, sumo wrestler wigs, crazy kids toys; anything, everything you could ever need or dream of.

It was here that I found the Australian designed makedo. As the name suggests the system of re-usable connectors encourages people to ‘make do’ or create from the simple things around them. The creations are endless and inspirational; geodesic domes, animals and creatures, costumes, and environments…

I have been following the development of makedo and Paul Justin, the designer, for a few years. I first heard of his work through the Springboard Entrepreneurship Programme; initiated by The Australian Design Unit. Paul and I joined a shortlist of 100 Australian designers to undertake Stage 01 of the programme. It aimed to equip designers with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to succeed at undertaking/sustaining a design business. Paul went on to Stage 02; developing then launching makedo at the State of Design Festival 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

Great to stumble across an innovative Australian product abroad! Check out makedo and all of the imaginative things that have been made using the system. Also read an insightful interview by Simone LeAmon with Paul Justin on the development of makedo at How We Create?


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